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A renewal constitutes a new contract of insurance, which comes up after the expiration of an existing policy.

This is a consideration paid by the insured to the insurance company for cover to be provided.

This is a document which contains the terms of contract for a cover purchased.

It is a form that the insured completes about the a risk/danger he/she wants to buy cover for.

The individual opting/buying a cover from the insurance company.

To restore the individual to his/her original state before the occurence of the loss.

It gives a feeling of security knowing that you are covered in the case of any eventual loss/Mishap

Theft, motor accident, fire

A loss that can be quatified in terms of financial loss.

Insurance is an effective method of handling risks/dangers that people are exposed to on daily basis. e.g. loss from fire, motor accident or any other type of accident.

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