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In ADIC Insurance, we have a passion for giving the best services that can be offered. There is the confidence and willingness to take action in order to achieve a recognized benefit.


We provide our customers with innovative, competitive and qualitative insurance oriented products. All these are accomplished through established departments, processes and procedures that enable us provide a high level of service to our esteemed customers. Each department is armed with competent and dedicated individuals who are committed to strive for excellence.

ADIC Insurance transacts all classes of insurance, namely:


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Products/Services here include Whole Life, Endowment, Educational Endowment, Mortgage Protection, Term Assurance, Anticipated Endowment, Key Man Assurance, Group Life, Term Assurance, ADIC Investment Linked Policy, and Medical Health Insurance Scheme.
The following can be covered under the policy: Oil rigs and Platforms, Pipe Lines, Flow Stations, Gas terminals, Farm Tanks, Cost of re-drilling, Cryogenic vessels (hull), Oil Seepage and Pollution.
Goods-In-Transit, Fidelity Guarantee, Personal Accident (Group or Individual) and Workmen’s Compensation
Public Liability, Products Liability, Personal Liability, Professional Indemnity and Ship Repairers Liability
Developed for Financial Services organizations or organizations with high cash velocity, it includes Money–In-Transit, Money-in-Safe, Money–In–Custody, Money–In-Premises, and Damage to Safe.
Burglary insurance for Private Dwelling, and Commercial/Industrial Premises.
Include Material Damage, Business Interruption, Industrial All Risks, Householder Comprehensive, Office Comprehensive and House owners Comprehensive.
Covered here are Comprehensive Motor Policies, Third party, Fire & Theft, Third Party Only, ECOWAS Brown Card.
Under this category, we do Performance Bonds, Tender/Bid Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Customs Bonds and Indemnity Bond.
This includes Marine Cargo, Marine Hull and Aviation.
This includes Contractors All Risks/Construction All Risks, Erection All Risks, Plant All Risks, Machinery Breakdown, Computer/Electronic All Risks and Boiler Insurance.

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